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March 29, 2013


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A CBC sub-channel?!? Split Hockey Feeds? You're making me cry ;)
In Canada, I think (nationally) we still have zero sub-channels. Maybe 90% of TV viewers are with a cable/satellite provider. 4/3 (semi-extended) std. def. carriages with a few HD format feeds, if with digital service.
Better: Conrad Black still (lives in this city's richest neighbourhood, and) actively writes featured columns at the National Post newspaper here - as currently owned by Shaw Communications.
Foreign Investors, including Americans, are still not permitted to buy Cdn. TV, Radio, and/or Newspapers. They can buy up nearly everything else though.


I understand the need to protect Canadian media. But Canadian media needs to be more competitive, even the CBC.

And the Conrad Black scenario is unbelievable insane.


It continues. Black's wife still contributes written articles to Maclean's Magazine (sort of a Cdn 'Time' magazine) owned by Rogers Commmunications.

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