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April 29, 2013


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Do we get Coach's Corner with any CBC sim-subs? We know they are allergic to Canadian intermission coverage.


Coach's Corner won't be available on any CBC sim subs. neither will Hot Stove or any of the other features. Also, Don Cherry won't do a Coach's Corner during every game. But you can count on him for the Toronto games.

Those in the U.S. and Canada can find Coach's Corner on cbcsports.ca. Not the same as on TV, but you can access the segments.


Note on TSN's commentators. Yes, Cuthbert and Ferraro for Canucks/Sharks although they will do game #1 in Anaheim in the Ducks/Wings series and games #5 and #7 if necessary.

Miller and Johnson will work out east, focussing primarily on Penguins/Islanders and Caps/Rangers but they may do a game or two in Detroit as well.


Thanks for the additional information, Tyler. The 1st round earns a lot of air miles for announcers on both sides of the border.

Too bad we won't get the TSN sim sub on this side of the border.


Yeah, it is too bad you don't get TSN simulcasts more often down there because the type of broadcast is a lot like you see on NBCSN with the lone analyst between the benches. But obviously with NBCSN and CSN under the same ownership, it's no surprise CSN simulcasts will be preferred.

TSN always tries to avoid simulcasting U.S. coverage on opening day of the playoffs, so it makes sense to have Cuthbert and Ferraro down in Anaheim tonight. But I don't see them making the trip back down between games 1/2 of Canucks/Sharks so I'd expect TSN to pick up the NBCSN telecast for game #2 of Ducks/Red Wings.

However, after that, Cuthbert and Ferraro will work all games in Vancouver, San Jose and Anaheim.


The NHL Network (U.S.) went out of its way to not show TSN national feeds during the season. I think the only time I saw Chris and Ray was during NHL Center Ice previews, and even then, they were few and far between.


A Rouge Point confirms my suspicion that TSN will pick up the NBC feed of Detroit at Anaheim tonight - game #2 of that series. Cuthbert, Ferraro and rest of TSN crew remaining in Vancouver during the off day in that series.


Good for Chris and Ray. Plus they would have to go through customs.

John Forslund and Daryl Reaugh are pretty good, and Reaugh did work for the CBC.

But TSN does carry a lot of NBC sim subs in the first round.

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