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April 30, 2013


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NHL Network was blacked out for me until the final game finished last night. Have you ever experienced that? I didn't know they did that, but I record games (kids). Also the Wild have not been in the playoffs basically since my first born was an infant. Maybe Directv was sloppy? I am wondering if I need to call them and rattle a saber. The blackout also prevented any checking of the Ducks Red Wings game until the Wild lost (surprise).


Since you and I are in the Wild-Hawks zone, I know that NBC Sports Network showed Detroit-Anaheim from the start in Chicago and Minneapolis. That should have happened in Minnesota. The rest of the country got Detroit-Anaheim on NHL Network until the Wild game finished.

Also, Fox Sports North would have the local feed for the Wild, and that is the only way you can watch the local feed. NBC Sports Network sent Doc and Pierre to Chicago, so it wasn't the CSN feed.

Keep checking back in and congrats to the Wild on getting into the Stanley Cup chase.


Yes, that's what I thought! Both channels were blacked out however. Ducks Red Wings eventually came on. NHL Network did not until past midnight-upon completion of that game!


Sounds like a DirecTV thing. NBC Sports Network showed documentaries during the game. Also, NBC Sports Network showed the Wild-Hawks at 6:30 am this morning with the national feed. Also, the NHL Network has afternoon rebroadcasts of some games. Check your local listings.


Seemed normal last night. I hope they don't mess up again tomorrow night because of the Wild game. I would like to see Ottawa/Montreal in its entirety!


Wild aren't on tonight, so you're safe for Habs-Sens. But let me know how things go on Friday for Game 2 of the Wild.

Also, I watched Coach's Corner online. Don Cherry still isn't making any sense.

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