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June 17, 2013


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I'm in an opposite position. No cable with CNN, all the broadcast CBC I could ask for.
My views on Stroumboulopolos' CNN guest list is also opposite. IMO, he's being steered into a failed U.S. news show attempt by loading up mainly those obviously known Canuck names.


I agree about the obvious Canucks, as you put them. Feels too safe. Though Henry Winkler appreciated what George is about. Hopefully, toward the end, George will branch out a bit. The Ellen Page interview ought to be good, though.

Allan Sorensen

Strombo's ratings are and have been DISMAL in Canada as well, yet no one in the media up here has the courage to talk about it.
Apparently, if the CBC keeps putting him on he must be doing something right?
That is not the case.
The fact is there's no leadership at the CBC and continuing to go with Strombo is an act of trying to save face.
What Strombo does is no different whatsoever than ALL talk shows are doing, and there's nothing special about his style or skill.


Having seen Strombo on a more extended basis, I've been surprised how good he is at getting his guests to open up. No one, not even Letterman, is as good as Strombo is, and that is the U.S. version.

I wish I could speak more to the CBC version, but maybe Strombo is stretching himself too far with doing both versions.

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