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July 04, 2013


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I keep saying there's nothing more patriotic than catching the CFL tonight. We got burned by ESPN2's Heidi game treatment of some softball game. Seems like the CFL never catches a break down here. Rod and Duane seem to have awkward silences while Duane worked well with Cuthbert. I prefer Suitor and Cuthbert together though.


I like Cuthbert and Forde together, too. Also, the times I've heard Rod Black with Suitor it sounds like Black performs better. Or maybe that's just what I want to hear??


We only missed a few minutes of the game, Tim. Did you miss more than that? For Tyler and Tim, we have Cuthbert and Forde together in Montreal again tonight.

TSN is clearly doing this on purpose, so we'll have to wait and see whether this will be semi-permanent.


Rod Black and Glen Suitor in Vancouver for the David Braley Bowl Thursday night.


My suspicion is they are getting used to juggling more (not just the on air talent but perhaps also producers and directors) in advance of Ottawa entering the league next year. TSN will have more games to produce and crews may need to be mixed and matched often.


I agree with all of that, Tyler. I was also thinking this is also in line with what TSN does in hockey, where Chris Cuthbert works with Ray Ferraro and Mike Johnson as does Gord Miller.

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