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July 18, 2013


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On May 21, the media was invited to hear Stephen Harper deliver a speech at a
Conservative caucus meeting. Harper said he was "very upset" about the
Wright-Duffy scandal. After the speech, there were shouted questions from reporters, but Harper took no questions. He just sat at the table and smiled
uncomfortably while journalists were ushered out.

During the 1973 Senate Watergate committee hearings, Paul Simon had a big
hit with Loves Me Like a Rock. It includes a verse about President Nixon, who later resigned. ("And if I was the President/The minute the Congress call my name...")

Time for a rewrite:

And if I was Prime Minister
The minute reporters call my name
I say now who do
Who do you think you're foolin'?
I got my Economic Plan
I'm up on the Conservative podium
My party loves me, they love me
They get down on their knees and hug me
They love me like a rock
They rock me like the rock of ages
And love me


"Enemies List"

Andrew Coyne: You will be shocked(!) to see who is on Stephen Harper’s
full ‘enemy’ list (National Post, July 17)


Andrew Coyne: Bulging cabinet underlines that ministerships are given as
prizes (National Post, July 15)

Jonathan Kay: Embittering paranoia is stubborn vice Harper can’t seem to
shake (National Post, July 19)

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