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August 30, 2013


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As I sat at home laid up after minor surgery, I discovered channel 490 which is free for all Directv subscribers. 490 is solely dedicated to rugby. So far I have seen games from New Zealand and South Africa. This again begs the question in my mind - why the hell is it so hard to get CFL broadcasts live? There is no way more people watch rugby than the CFL in the US. Not that I am complaining about seeing this sport that is new to me.


Sorry to hear about your surgery, Tim. So you actually need more TV while recovering. I'm frustrated as NBCSN is blowing off the Labour Day CFL game for reasons unknown. I would love to have the old days with C-band satellites where if you could find it out there, you could watch it.


Well, if we can't get the Banjo Bowl maybe I will get the Hawke's Bay Ranfurly Shield defense this weekend. Not that I understood much of what was going on during any rugby union games. Intruiging though.


NBCSN and ESPN2 are reluctant to show the Prairie teams, so the idea of either of them showing the Banjo Bowl isn't likely.

If you ever start a rugby blog, I'll leave comments for you. :)

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