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September 06, 2013


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Hadfield's been away from Canada so long he hasn't shaven his moustache, which seemed to be a thing long after men cut them down here. My dad shaved his in1985. Even Alex Trebek's was gone at some point during the 90s I think! That was a good sideline interview. Usually I hit 30 second skip when they don't involve the game.


I hit the 30 second skip, too. But Hadfield really intrigues me. When few people can name a current astronaut (other than Hadfield), he really stands out.


Hey, I now have something in common with Hadfield! Having lived in Toronto all of life; I might have been at one Argos game at the old pre-1990 stadium? Or not?
(And I had played high school football, too.) Live Sports Attendance is only for proper elite and entitled people.
At least I caught part of last year's Grey Cup game during a midnight Christmas Week re-broadcast on a digital 4/3 fromat cropped station (TSN2)! Most of my parents' other Shaw Satelitte cable stations were too inconsistently displayed to watch.


Hadfield didn't say how many games he had been to at Exhibition Stadium, just that he hadn't been at Rogers Centre. I would imagine the tickets were a lot cheaper in relation to income back then (making it less elite).

Cool that TSN2 showed the Grey Cup game over Christmas week. But I do agree that CTV should simulcast TSN's signal for the Grey Cup.


My DTV to-do list shows Fri., 9/20 Edmonton at Winnipeg on ESPN2. I do autorecord using CFL as my tag. One would think that's legit, but we also thought we would get a Labor Day game instead of reruns about the NFL.


Mine shows the same game. Thanks for pointing this out.

Wish the ESPN2 gap included a game this weekend. There are a lot of games and scenarios where ESPN2 would be most welcome in the second half of the CFL season.

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