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October 31, 2013


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How do you know Cuthbert and Suitor will stay out west for the playoffs? Last two years they did the Eastern Semi and then the Western Final. (Interesting, too, because last year's first round had Edmonton-Toronto and Saskatchewan-Calgary and it's a no-brainer as to which would have been the "better" game.)


This year, there is no crossover. And the better teams are out West, plus the Grey Cup is in Regina. And before the last two years, Cuthbert and Suitor liked to stay out west.

These reasons are why I think they will stay out West. But no, I don't actually know.


I wonder if the last couple years had anything to do with TSN covering the CIS playoffs as well. Black/Forde worked both CIS and CFL. Maybe they and their production teams needed to be out west for the semifinal round.


I have caught a little CIS coverage on TSN when I've been in Windsor. Black and Forde really seem to enjoy doing those games. But that would make sense since CIS and the CFL play so close 5together.

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