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October 18, 2013


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I was visiting my folks this weekend here in S. Ontario. My parents have one of those satellite TV services. Saturday night and my senior aged dad goes to put the Blackhawks vs. Leafs game on. Now, why would an optional, local, American WGN (HD?) channel be lined-up precisely two numbers past the main CBC (EST?) HD channel? The Chicago Bull's Michael Jordan retired long ago. ;)
The WGN channel was unavailable - my parents don't subscribe to an extended sports bundle package. So my dad got nothing but a blank screen with a cancel button appearing.
At least he was tuning in at the HD line-up section. Only about 10 digits up were a series of cross-country local SD formatted CBC channels, etc., as semi-mixed with CTV and Global's network affiliates.


To be fair, the WGN version cable viewers can get in Canada has Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, and Hawks, so maybe that was part of a sports package. And WGN might have been blacked out in Southern Ontario during the Leafs game.

I subscribed to NHL Game Center Live, so I was able to monitor the CBC feed after 48 hours. The Leafs didn't look any better on tape delay.

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