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November 21, 2013


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The East edit was during the first half after Toronto scored. After the commercial the action began with 1st and 10 Hamilton. Noticing the missing kickoff I checked the clock which was at 9 minutes. I then rewound back to the touchdown. I think there were +11 minutes. My guess is the teams traded possessions without consequence. Now that I erased the game I cannot pinpoint the exact moment it happened.


You are correct. I went back and found about 3 1/2 minutes lost in the 2nd quarter, just after Toronto went up 14-10. I saw the game live, so I should have spotted that. Excellent catch. That is exasperating that we are losing game coverage at playoff time.

Bernie Ouellette

I have to work . Would you know if there is a live feed?


Bernie, TSN (Canada) and NBCSN (United States) will have a live feed. If you live outside those countries, perhaps you can stream via TSN International. Bonne chance. Good luck.

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