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November 29, 2013


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I agree with prediction Mark Lee will remain with CBC but I would say other safe predictions would be Hughson/Simpson being the Rogers A-team and Elliotte Friedman having a role with Rogers.


I agree about Hughson and Simpson being the new Rogers A-team. Rogers has to decide whether they will let some of their new talent work for other outlets. The CBC folks can go back and forth, since they are part of the deal. Will Chris Cuthbert and Gord Miller be able to work for both TSN and Rogers? Answer still to come.


That all depends on contract status and whether TSN is open to renegotiating if, for instance, Cuthbert has an exclusive deal.

Give how Miller currently calls hockey for NBC, I think it's likely he works for both TSN and NBC. Miller will have more CFL to call next year with the schedule expanding thanks to Ottawa's re-entry. Plus he can still contribute to TSN's hockey shows, maybe even call some Leafs/Habs regional telecasts. There's also the World Junior Championship and other international hockey. Hard to imagine him gone from all of that.

As for Cuthbert, presumably he will be retained by TSN to call CFL but they don't have a whole lot of use for him beyond that. Maybe he works regional hockey, especially since TSN will be increasing its Leafs coverage to 26 games in 2015/16. He did NBC work many years ago.


I do agree about Miller. His plate can be plenty full, especially if Cuthbert goes to Rogers full-time. And NBCSN is more likely to use Miller than Cuthbert, even though Cuthbert used to work for NBC.

Up to Rogers. If Rogers will let Cuthbert call CFL for TSN, that will make Cuthbert's decision a lot easier.


The two companies are so bitter towards one another, it's hard to envision an agreement on sharing talent. But we'll see. Anything is possible now. I've seen some speculation out there that if Cuthbert went to Rogers, Miller would become TSN's top CFL guy. But that seems unlikely to me.


Agreed that TSN and Rogers are bitter rivals. The question is whether Rogers will put their business sense ahead of that bitterness.

I do feel bad for Cuthbert since he's already gone through a bad transition from CBC to TSN.

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