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December 03, 2013


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Cool suggestion! Only thing is would CBC be allowed to show game footage as part of this Friday night program? See, right now CBC, TSN and Sportsnet are all NHL rightsholders, regional or national, and thus can show highlights. But if CBC isn't paying rights fees, could they do so for a show as you've proposed which is supposed to make money off the NHL?

Also: the way Healy was acting on Saturday, it doesn't sound like he expects to be retained by Rogers.


I figure CBC can show limited footage. After all, TSN will still cover hockey on SportsCentre. CBC won't do the suggestion if they think it will upset Rogers. That is the flaw in the plan.

As for Healy, his attitude is part of his charm. And former CBC folks are running Rogers. So Healy should be safe. They will have to decide whether Healy will be in the studio or between the benches.


TSN will still be able to cover hockey as a regional rightsholder. Like SN right now. But I, too, figure limited use of footage would be possible.

You may be right about Healy. He'd probably be more useful between the benches since Rogers doesn't have many experienced at that role. Plenty of studio guys already.


CBC has moved to keep Glenn Healy in the studio when possible and give Garry Galley more time in between the benches. But Rogers will have editorial control next year. I envision Hughson/Simpson/Healy on Rogers next fall.


They are the current team for the SCF on CBC so it is certainly a safe play to keep it that way at least in the short term, yes.

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