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January 28, 2014


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Butter tarts are a canadian thing? Really? Who knew. FYI, the coffee shop on the ground floor of 30 St. Clair West, Toronto makes awesome butter tarts. Baked on the premises. $1.25 taxes all in.


My butter tart in Windsor was pretty good for $1.85 + tax. The one in Toronto sounds better, and cheaper. But yes, butter tarts are definitely a Canadian thing. Finding them in the States, even in good bakeries, is a mystery.


You have summed up my sentiments as well. We both share a love for Windsor that I think even the city's residents do not have. I love taking in dinner anywhere in downtown Windsor, and then hitting Dean Martini's or The Loop to see live music. If I'm in Detroit for an overnight trip, you can bet you'll find me on Ouellette Avenue in the evening.


Absolutement. Stroll down Erie Street in the Little Italy stretch and tell me you don't want to stay awhile.

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