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January 30, 2014


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Some clarity on sim subbing. Generally speaking, this only occurs for cable and satellite providers within the range of a CTV over-the-air transmitter. Since those exist in most major centres and most Canadians live in the major centres, most Canadian viewers are affected. But those of us in rural areas where there is no CTV transmitter, the U.S. signals are not substituted. So, I can watch a Fox channel without the CTV signal substituted over. Lucky me!


Thanks, Tyler. CTV has quite a network of stations. CBC's range was stronger in the analog days, but left transmitters for dead when they couldn't afford to upgrade to digital. With digital, range is a lot shorter, theoretically increasing the number that can benefit.

So in my Windsor example, they also wouldn't have to worry since the nearest CTV transmitter is Kitchener with a satellite outlet in Sarnia.

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