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February 10, 2014


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You do know that you can stream CBC radio on the internet. Not as convenient as a podcast, but you don't need a Canadian ISP to stream radio.


Mark Lee and Cassie Campbell calling women's hockey for CBC. Lee will also be doing some of the men's tournament alongside Kelly Hrudey.


Turns out Veronica, you can't even stream CBC Radio One during the Olympics.

"From Feb. 6-23, CBC Radio One live streams will only be available to Canadian listeners due to Olympic rights restrictions. However, you can visit cbc.ca/radio/ to listen on-demand or download podcasts."

I can handle going without for a couple of weeks every 2 years.

I did listen to CBC Radio Two last night.


Thanks Tyler for letting us know. I figured Cassie was doing the women's games (she got some extra HNIC booth work in anticipation of the Olympics). Mark Lee would be a good fit on those games.

They've set up the men's and women's tournaments to allow for easy crossover.

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