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March 27, 2014


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I was never a big Expos fan but had a certain fondness for them. I always thought that 7000 fans at the Stade Olympique could make more noise than 25000 fans at the Rogers Centre with the way they'd grab those plastic seats and rattle them up and down. I was living in Ottawa a decade ago and as far as I'm concerned hopping the train/bus down to Montreal and riding the metro out to Pie IX to catch a 'Spos game was a fun night out having some beverages and catching a game even if the stadium was a terrible venue for baseball. The tickets were very affordable even if the Molson Ex was not!

At least Bud Selig only has a year to go before he (supposedly) retires. Maybe MLB gives Montreal another look under a new regime if a team like the Rays have to relocate but it would take somebody/some people/some corporation like a billion dollars to bring baseball back to Montreal which would include acquiring a team and building a new stadium. That's a heck of a lot of money to put up for something that failed horribly in the end last time around, although there were many reasons why it failed and plenty of blame to go around.


Great article! Loved it!


I have been to Olympic Stadium to see Expos games with decent sized crowds and enjoyed how loud they were, given their size.

Thanks for sharing your Expos memory. Ottawa is not that far away, and thanks to the Metro, getting to Olympic Stadium at Pie IX was so easy.

The problem with the Montreal situation is I don't think a new team can play in Olympic Stadium. So Montreal has to build a stadium in the hope to get a team. But if they build the downtown stadium, MLB would have to step up.

The irony to Selig is that his city lost a team unfairly, and yet he treated Montreal so poorly. Hopefully, a new commissioner will be more rational when it comes to Montreal.

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