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April 16, 2014


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Cuthbert and Johnson apparently covering all of the Ducks-Stars series and part of Avalanche-Wild (heard Chris confirm this in a radio interview a few days ago). I'm thinking Miller and Ferraro will probably end up in St. Paul for at least one of the games in that series, too.

TSN picking up the NBC feed for Avalanche-Wild tonight, though.


That would make sense. Knowing that, NBC should have taken the TSN feed for that series.

That does leave a mystery since Miller said he was covering 5 series. If he doesn't cover Ducks-Stars for TSN, then he will do another series for NBCSN


Miller workings Ducks-Stars for NBCSN on Wednesday


This will be another game (more than likely) where Miller and Cuthbert will work the same game. Columbus is thrilled when Miller called their lone playoff win for NBCSN.

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