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April 14, 2014


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A couple of things...

1) I would expect Bob Cole will still get to work the first three rounds as he has since 2009. He'd likely get paired with Kelly Hrudey and Garry Galley for rounds 2 and 3. But then, who knows if he has a role with Rogers. I'm thinking he does not.

2) If I'm not mistaken, Miller and Ferraro will be paired together in the first round of TSN's coverage. This year it's Cuthbert's turn to work the third round for them.


1) Yes CBC will use Bob Cole as per usual. He gets rest toward the end of the season so he can make this run. CBC isn't using Rick Ball in the playoffs. As for Rogers using Bob Cole, maybe just on CBC but not Rogers or City.

2) I'm not as familiar with TSN patterns, so I appreciate that update. Now that NBC is covering the Western series, TSN might just use the U.S. national feed.

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