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May 20, 2014


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I'd never seen the everyday stuntwoman ad before, I'm thinking it may be a bit more regional (I live in Newfoundland). I've seen the KD ad a lot and it hasn't tired for me yet, so I guess I've let my fun out.
I like A&W burgers, though I couldn't tell you whether their the best since they're about the only burgers I do eat. I do like that if you go on their website you can see where they grow their beef, which is kind of cool.
Anyway, I'm glad you get to see some of our ads, and you should definitely come to Newfoundland sometime.


I do want to make it to Newfoundland and Labrador. It is definitely on my list.

I saw "Hold Fast" last fall in the Windsor film fest. The movie was shot in Newfoundland and Labrador. Molly Parker is in the film. The scenery was absolutely amazing. I even thought when watching the film "what a great 'ad' for the province."

I'll have to try an A&W burger if I get a chance in Canada.

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