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June 26, 2014


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Locked out of TSN now. Guess it's ESPN3 now. Looks like 3 has a cache of games on replay, which works best for me. Just not a fan of joining a game in progress. Upgraded to a MacBook which can connect to TV, so the 2001 Dell is RIP.


I'm with you: I would have been fine with Rod Black hosting the studio show and bumping Gord Miller to No. 2 play-by-play. I prefer Miller over Black and Smith could have done a few games in the booth with that great voice of his. Smith is a bigger name, though, to be the face of the show.

By the way, Smith has done occasional CFL play-by-play the last several years, including 2012, but during the Olympics that year he was in London calling swimming and Matt Devlin was actually used for a couple of games!


Tim, I hope that the ESPN3 games will stay up for awhile (like 2 days max) so I can pick and choose a CFL game to watch on a weekend.

Tyler, I remember Smith calling games in 2012 but that might have been after Cuthbert left but before swimming started.

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