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June 25, 2014


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Great piece! Just one thing though: the Stamps have announced Bo Levi Mitchell will be their starter ahead of Drew Tate. At least that's what TSN was reporting, anyway.


I switched it in tomorrow's story, but missed that reference in today's story. D'oh. Thanks for catching that. Copy has been corrected.

Both the Als and Stamps have young quarterbacks looking to make a mark. That will be a good game.


Per espnmediazone.com: games will air Saturday afternoon, July 5, and July 31. Montreal at Calgary, Sask at Toronto, which will be on ESPN2. Then it will be Winnipeg at Hamilton on ESPN. Subject to change for sure.



Unofficially, there are a few games through the ESPN family. I was waiting to hear about NBCSN or another U.S. outlet. Hopefully that schedule will come soon. Saturday afternoon's Montreal Alouettes game in Calgary will be on ESPN2 at 3 pm ET.

Do you have predictions for the upcoming season, Tim?


I have not kept up with too much off season activity, but I bet the end of season standings are in the East-Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, with just the top two shoe-ins for the playoffs. The West - count out Winnipeg. Montreal and Edmonton probably battle for the last playoff spot. We will see how stupid those predictions look.


I like your predictions. Hamilton might be better and challenge Toronto. Out west, Calgary, BC, and Saskatchewan can write tickets for playoffs now. Montreal would beat out Edmonton, so no crossover.

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