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June 03, 2014


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Nothing to do with you blog entry, but look what I found:


Hi Veronica.

After dealing with all this hockey news, I could use a good butter tart. So this is relevant to me.

Can't find a butter tart in the States to save my life, much less a good butter tart. Thanks for the link.


So, some additional background on Romanuk and Randorf:

- Romanuk called hockey for TSN from the late 80s until 2001. He was the network's lead hockey voice after Jim Hughson left in 1994. (I fondly remember him for his World Junior work.) Has called Spengler Cup on both Sportsnet and TSN during his time overseas.

- Randorf does have experience as a national NHL play-by-play voice with TSN. He was No. 2 behind Gord Miller from 2002 until Chris Cuthbert's arrival in 2005. (Of course, back then, TSN didn't do as many games and so he wasn't on that much.) Randorf's most famous playoff call to date is probably Andrew Brunette's OT winner in game 7 of Wild-Avalanche in 2003. "Upset in the mile high city!"

The four guys announced by Rogers is a very strong lineup, in my opinion. However, it would seem to me that these are the four "full time" guys that will have regular work. I'm sure there will be others that get spot duty. Almost certainly Kevin Quinn (who does Oilers games currently) will get some national work, I would think. Perhaps Dean Brown does Sens radio and occasional Rogers TV work. However, I doubt we hear much of Mark Lee anymore. Just my guess on that.


Thanks for the Randorf update. I did some research but obviously that fell short. His voice is OK but I know some have a hard time. I have enjoyed him doing the Canadiens games the last few years.

I get the impression that the Canucks, Flames, and Oilers announcers will go national on Saturdays (and maybe Wednesdays for the late game) based on the upfront. The idea of Shorthouse and Garrett (for example) being on CBC in the late game will take some getting used to hearing.


Well the Flames local TV crew of Rob Kerr and Charlie Simmer was fired by Sportsnet at the end of the season, so they have that hole to fill as well.


Here we are talking about Rogers local announcers filling in and they have 2 openings in Calgary. Seems like Rob Kerr wasn't in the chair for long. Not sure why Calgary has this high turnover rate.

There will be announcers who will lose out when Rogers announces its picks. Maybe the "losers" will want to move to Calgary.


Randorf doesn't have the best voice, but he's exciting to listen to, I think. No disrespect to Dave, but Rogers had to settle. He's no Miller or Cuthbert.

Good point about a new play-by-play voice being needed for Flames regional games. (They actually need a new radio voice, too!) It's a good gig, it will be interesting to see who gets it.

Not sure what the deal is though with turnover. I do know that when Peter Loubardias was fired, he was told that new bosses didn't like his work. But having heard Kerr a few times, I felt he was actually worse: over the top yelling, and just overall not pleasant to listen to.


The Edmonton announcers are pretty good. I do like Shorthouse and Garrett of the 3 Rogers crews out west. I hope Calgary gets a better team. Maybe Kelly Hrudey would work some local Flames games depending on how/if Rogers uses him.

Randorf isn't bad; I've become used to him. And not a bad gamble by Rogers, especially under the circumstances.

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