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June 10, 2014


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I just saw this film today. I didn't realise it was a remake, now I will go look for the french film. I thought is was really good, funny. It was also a good commentary on welfare and working. It's a very honest protrayal of the plight of people in outport NL. They want to be working/fishing, but the industry was killed, so now they aren't able to. A lot of times the only option is to move away, to St. John's (town) or out of province. They want to stay, though. As for the doctor, I assumed he was from NYC or Toronto, with Toronto making more sense in terms of him being able to legally work in Canada.
There are lots of places in NL where cellphones won't work, so it's not a strange premise.


Ah, legally work in Canada. Excellent point. I like that too.

The original Quebecois film felt like Newfoundland should be where the story took place. So that's good to see that the English language version covers that.

It's funny where the big city is St. John's as opposed to Montreal.

Glad you enjoyed the film. You should definitely find the original.

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