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August 29, 2014


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So much to comment on!

- First, the Banjo Bowl is actually the rematch game in Winnipeg. This weekend is simply the Labour Day classic (between those teams) in Regina.

- As a Lions fan, I have a feeling like the guaranteed win thing was a kiss of death for the season. There is more west vs. west coming up in the schedule and BC still has two games against Ottawa, but making the playoffs is going to be tough.

- As for the TSN multiple feeds, based on Twitter comments it appears the "main" channel (as in, the one available on analog cable) depends on where you live. In BC/AB it is TSN1. In SK/MB it is TSN3. In most of Ontario it is TSN4 and in the Ottawa area it is TSN5. This has to do with regional NHL coverage. TSN2 is (still) the only one of the channels not available on analog cable anywhere. Given the above, it appears CFL games will be available live on all the feeds except TSN2 in order for them to receive maximum distribution. I think.

- What do you mean you don't like the Lions gun metal uniforms?!?!

- Huge loss for the Vancouver sports fan with Rick Ball going to Calgary. Good for Rick, he's a terrific play-by-play voice and also a great guy. (fun fact: Years ago when I tried some football play-by-play at UBC he was gracious in offering me advice.)


Yes, the Banjo Bowl is the second game. I keep forgetting that. Copy has been corrected.

ESPN will carry the Banjo Bowl in the States while ESPNews will have the TiCats and Als from Montreal September 7.

Curious to see the TSN distribution on the feeds. Will try to monitor.

Lions could have pulled off the win had they scored majors early in the game instead of settling for FGs. Too much like Ottawa and Montreal this season. Still, don't pick Saskatchewan.

I like the idea of the all-black Lions uniforms with an orange trace around the numbers. Have not seen the gun metal ones.

I think Rick Ball won't be just groomed for Calgary. Ball will fill in as needed on national telecasts, especially if Bob Cole needs a break. Glad he was gracious to you.


Ball is quoted in a Vancouver Sun piece that his work with Rogers will include "some national games" - http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Sport+Radio+battle+lines+drawn+with+Sportsnet+rivalry/10161489/story.html


Ball's first national game should be the first Saturday when the Flames are in St. Louis in the early HNIC slot.

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