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September 12, 2014


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Did you happen to grab the ESPN Ratings for both the CFL Games on Sunday? Would be very interested to see what the results were


Am hoping to see those ratings soon. Will pass them on in the comments and repeat them in next week's CFL notebook.

The numbers I would really want to see is what ESPN normally draws opposite NFL football (e.g., last year's NASCAR coverage) vs. CFL football.

Also, they were the first CFL games on TV in over a month, and the last-minute switch from ESPNews to ESPN might have thrown off some TV DVR schedules.


Yes it's tough to watch anyone east of Winnipeg this season. I basically look for two western team matchups. I will watch all East Division playoff games, but just cant justify putting much time into a game with a team whose record is 3-7 at best.

Of course after writing that, the Tiger-Cats will win the Grey Cup after a 7-11 regular season record.


The next ESPN2 game is Calgary at Montreal on September 21. Can't imagine the Alouettes have a chance in that game. But I'll still watch.


ESPN ratings from last weekend: Hamilton at Montreal 160,000; Saskatchewan at Winnipeg 104,000.

Not great, but they were up against the NFL and after a month off. The drop off in the 2nd game could have been a more prominent late NFL game.

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