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October 14, 2014


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The new Rogers version of HNIC is going to take some getting used to for sure. I don't mind Don Cherry's air time getting cut back as his routine has become pretty stale over the years often touching on the same topics over and over lacking fresh insight. And I still see George Stroumboulopoulos as being a mainstream entertainment interviewer personality rather than a hockey guy. But I suppose someone may have said the same thing about Ron MacLean being a weather presenter when he joined HNIC back in the day.

The opening intro to HNIC (minus the awful new theme music) was good on Saturday. While the CBC's music montages were well done, it's nice to have a little variety rather than the same old every week. Having the legendary Dick Irvin read one of Stephen Brunt's essays about Saturday night hockey in Canada to open the telecast hearing some of the audio of memorable moments in HNIC history was well done I thought (link below to Saturday's opening).



Good points. Perhaps the best way to judge a lot of these elements is waiting a few weeks to see where Rogers takes the show.

The 7-game first Saturday isn't what we will see down the road. The montage was cool, but we aren't getting those every week. Strombo will be different from MacLean, but the show needs a bit of both.

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