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January 09, 2015


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I think Edmonton would make more sense to be Winnipeg's opponent in the Heritage Classic. All the other Canadian teams have played in outdoor games in the past few years, and the Oilers were in the first Heritage Classic back in 2003. You can also play up the WHA and Smythe Division connections between the two teams as well.


True, Edmonton hasn't been outdoors since 2003. The Oilers deserve some prime exposure. U.S. television hasn't shown a single live Edmonton game this season, so unfortunately, that may play into the discussion.

Toronto will likely get the call for Winnipeg, but the Maple Leafs could also be Ottawa's opponent in 2017. Toronto won't get both, so one of them could open up. Yes, the Habs would work well in Ottawa, too.

This will be a good discussion and speculation until and after the announcement.


For any outdoor game held in Canada, you can bet there will always be at least one Eastern team involved. Gotta maximize TV ratings!


Agreed. Toronto-Winnipeg will be an easy call. Would they pick a Western team for a game in Ottawa?

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