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January 31, 2015


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You'd almost think Bell will attempt to appeal this decision as sim-subbing American shows is a huge money maker. The quote from the CRTC chairman suggests it's only being allowed because the Super Bowl is a special event, but if you allow it for one program where do you draw the line? Does this set a precedent to stop sim-subbing for other things like the Academy Awards, or the Big Bang Theory (highest rated show in Canada, I believe) as well?

I'm sure the NFL isn't too thrilled about this either. Removing the sim-sub means many Canadian viewers will flock to the American station carrying the game which devalues the Canadian rights fees. Frankly if this goes through it wouldn't surprise me if the Super Bowl ends up moving to TSN to free up CTV to sim-sub something else in that timeslot, much similar to why they put the Grey Cup on TSN too.


My grand solution would be for CTV to run Canadian ads during the Super Bowl but allow viewers of the U.S. network (via cable) to watch the U.S. commercials. CTV gets to run Canadian ads and make money and viewers who want the U.S. ads have an option. Or have CTV carry the Canadian ads and CTV2 carry the U.S. ads (or vice versa).

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