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February 20, 2015


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I think it's pretty clear that Rogers' increasing use of local commentators for nationally-televised games simply comes down to money, as this practice clearly cuts down on travel costs. They are likely losing more money than they expected, even for this first year. I agree it's a bit awkward when it's Canadian team vs. Canadian team, but the broadcasters are also very professional about it (e.g. not Jack Edwards). The other thing too is that Rogers doesn't hold regional rights to the Jets or Senators so they probably don't care as much about appeasing their fans.


I do realize Winnipeg and Ottawa get the short end of the stick as a result. Was hoping that Rogers would be a true national carrier. I don't mind the mixed crews even in an All-Canadian matchup. Honestly, Dean Brown and Drew Remenda would have made a fine crew for the HDIC matinee. It's when they aren't mixed that it's an issue. And yes, Rogers is definitely losing $ in Year One.


I don't feel too sorry for Senators fans. They were fortunate enough to have their local pxp man Dean Brown calling many of their games on HNIC over the years, sometimes even when they would be playing against other Canadian teams. As a Canadiens supporter I can recall several times when we'd be treated to the hometown Ottawa crew of Brown with Millen or Galley when playing against the Senators.

I don't think Dean Brown would be permitted to work on HNIC now since it is a Rogers production now. Brown signed a deal with Bell last summer to work for them calling the Sens games on TSN 1200 Radio and has even called a couple of their games on TSN4 tv, and did the Spengler Cup for TSN over the holiday season. In fact when Brown signed his deal with Bell this past summer, he was interviewed on TSN 1200 and said he did receive an offer from Rogers to join their team doing national play-by-play work and the regional Montreal games on Sportsnet East, but elected to go to Bell instead so he could continue as voice of the Sens on radio and so he wouldn't have to spend most nights away from his home in Ottawa which he would've had he joined Rogers.


My recollection is that the majority of times that Dean Brown worked on HNIC was an Ottawa game to the Ottawa area. And sometimes Brown would do a national game that would involve Winnipeg and a U.S. team. But yes, Brown did some Habs games.

I should also make it clear that I know Rogers won't use Dean Brown. I offered an example to illustrate an element of fairness; one the CBC could have used in the examples you cited.

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