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February 11, 2015


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So have you watched the broadcasts on Pop TV? I have. I haven't seen the CBC version, but it seems to me that the content is less than a "normal" 30 minute show. And in the episode I just watched (episode 6) Alexis refers to agreeing to a yoga class while talking to her brother. There was no scene in which she agreed to a yoga class. I really am enjoying the show, but hate to think I'm seeing incomplete episodes.


Unfortunately, the only episodes from CBC I've seen are the first 2 episodes. My main issue with Pop TV has been that I can't get the episodes in HD (in 2015).

I can check into that and see what I can find. Thanks for the question.

Update: I did check out the episode. The scene where Alexis agrees to the yoga class does not exist. That was the yoga class in Mutt's barn where Alexis and Mutt get in close contact.

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