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September 10, 2015


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You might enjoy this article on the origins of TIFF. Although, I still think of it as the Festival of Festivals.





Thank you so much. An amazing read. Merci. The story of a lot of film festivals reflects the wonderful directions the film industry have taken in the last 4 decades. But none in North America can top Toronto's story. And the growth of Canadian film over that time has a bit to do with TIFF.


Another TIFF article. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/tiff-2015-canadian-films-highlight-festival-but-will-they-make-money-1.3229880

From my perspective, it would be much easier to support Canadian films if I knew which ones were canadian! Seriously, I have to read your blog to find them!

So thanks for writing film reviews on your blog :)


You are very kind. I feel like more Canadians and more Americans would enjoy Canadian film if they had more exposure to them. I am still learning about Patricia Rozema and am looking forward to her new film.

The other issue is that countries are co-producing films so "pure" Canadian films are harder to find.

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