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September 10, 2015


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With Fox having the AL playoffs this year, Saturday is an excellent opportunity to give the Jays some exposure ahead of time.


Agreed. Almost 70% of the country will get access to the game. The lure of the Yankees doesn't hurt. Plus the MLB Network will pick up that second game.


I caught some highlights of Game 1 on Saturday from the Fox telecast. Matt Vasgersian was pretty excited sounding on a couple of the Jays homers. Didn't seem like any obvious pro-Yankees bias.


I thought the announcers and telecast were reasonably balanced. Vasgersian and Smoltz called Friday night's game on MLB Network so they were more familiar with the Jays on Day 2 for them. A bit surprised that Canadians could choose between the local feed (Sportsnet) and the U.S. national feed (Fox). Nice to have choices.


Fox is an over-the-air station available widely across Canada and Sportsnet is on cable/satellite and would have done its own production anyway. Rare opportunity to get choice.

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