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October 20, 2015


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Lori G

What an exciting race. Like I said last night, I suspected a Liberal government but really wasn't anticipating a majority. I believe Canadians woke up this morning with a collective sigh of relief that we have a new Prime Minister and that individual is not Stephen Harper. We saw the landscape in Canada really shift over the last 10 years and the Canada that I love and respect seemed to diminish in the view of the world. I think we now have the ability to gain that back.

I certainly hope that we'll see the end of the limits on voting and citizenship restriction, as under the current mandate while I was able to vote for last night's election come October of 2019 I will exceed the five year limit for expatriate voting.


Trudeau will likely address a number of those limiting election laws. The difficulty in university students in voting was a significant concern. Elections Canada needs to get back the powers stripped away by the Harper Government.

I was pleasantly surprised that Canada went with a majority government, regardless of the party. There was a lot of concern over a minority government.

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