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December 18, 2015


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The actual live action coverage is fine (the better commentators from CBC were retained while they added established guys like Paul Romanuk, Dave Randorf and Mike Johnson) but I would so as far as to say that the studio coverage is unwatchable. Rarely covering topics that I care about and yes, dumbing down.


I hate writing about the pregame, but the coverage gets so idiotic.


Canucks regional viewership is down. Yes the team hasn't been performing very well, but the studio coverage for that is also terrible now. It used to be all Vancouver-based people, but they were cut prior to last season. They've tried to soften that by having Brad Fay host (he's from BC) and Corey Hirsch (former Canuck goalie) as a regular analyst... but it's not the same. Weak studio programming.


I like the Vancouver intermission segments where Dan Murphy interviews journalists. Best segments of any of the Rogers telecasts. But it is odd that all the studio work is at the studio at CBC in Toronto. In the states, the local studio work is all local.

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