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February 08, 2016


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I am one of the lucky ones not subjected to simultaneous substitution. Watching the U.S. Super Bowl ads is almost as entertaining as the game itself. I would say very, very few will watch the CTV signal.

Also, another Canadian link: The commercial for Xifaxan, a medication for treating irritable bowel syndrome, featured a walking, talking, pink-hued lower intestine dealing with an upset stomach during a big game. The stadium used for the commercial was clearly BC Place in Vancouver! The stadium seating, concourse and roof make that obvious: http://bcove.me/hczagvxm


I wasn't sure about the use of BC Place, but the roof is rather distinctive. Good eye. Adding that to the surprisingly long list. Good catch.

Glad you got a chance to see the Super Bowl ads. The only audience I could imagine for CTV are those without cable in cities with an over the air CTV signal would watch. Even if I lived in Canada, I would pick the U.S. signal over CTV.

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