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April 08, 2016


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Looks like Rogers will only produce three first round series, plus a couple of games from other series scheduled to air on the CBC. Not surprising given all sorts of indications lately that cost-cutting is a priority.


Rogers only produced 5 series last year down from the 6 in the CBC/TSN era. This move in 2016 is a bit extreme. The CBC games have to be produced. The fun part is whether Canada will get to see lots of Gord Miller and Chris Cuthbert on Rogers via NBCSN.


It is extreme, but they really have no choice. With the number of make goods they'll have chewing up their advertising inventory and almost certainly way less viewership in the first two rounds than usual, producing 5-6 series just isn't justifiable.

Having said that, at least NBCSN produces more games than they did say, 3-4 years ago. I recall TSN being forced to take local feeds quite a bit which sucks during the playoffs.


I see where Rogers has no choice, especially with no Canadian teams. But you could put a crew in New York City and have them do all the Rangers and Islanders home games. Sure TSN had its share of local feeds, but Rogers will set a new record.


When Bell concluded they were "ultimately outbid" for this rights deal, it was a sobering truth for them at the time. But right now it looks like the right decision.

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