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April 27, 2016


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The league has done both Rogers and NBC a favour by trying to schedule games in the Pens-Caps series with no other game up against. That should help ratings.

It appears Rogers will mostly simulcast the Preds-Sharks series, aside from game 2 on Sunday night. I'd expect the Romanuk/Johnson crew to work that one. They may see duty on that series again if the Blues-Stars series is over early. Randorf/Galley basically sticking with the Isles-Bolts series.


I see Bob Cole is getting a rest. So unless he's calling Game 2 in San Jose, Cole will be enjoying the Newfoundland spring, such as it is. As for Pens-Caps, both NBC and Rogers is grateful for a series casual fans would actually watch. I do wish Fleury was in there for Pittsburgh.


For whatever reason, Cole was assigned game 1 of Isles-Bolts but Randorf has the rest of the series. However, Randorf worked a game with Galley in the first round when I expected to see Cole so maybe there was some sort of trade involved. It would appear Cole's season is now over.

daniel anderson

what I don't like about Emrick(and I'm not being mean: I think he's one of the best) is that he screams it whenever someone scores. not even Hughson, Cole, Randorf or Romanuk does that...

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