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May 01, 2016


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Canucks biggest losers in the lottery. No two ways about it. Although Edmonton also dropped two spots, they've had their opportunities to draft No. 1. The look on Trevor Linden's face said it all.


Linden's look spoke volumes. It also affects subsequent rounds so the potential in a drop is much higher than otherwise noted.


I thought the draft lottery only affected the first round order?


Oops. You are right. Seems odd to have a lottery just for the first round. But I don't run a sports league.


The whole idea of the lottery is to discourage intentional losing in order to secure the top pick. However, it's become about more than that. They now also want a system that discourages "tanking" in order to secure the best percentage and draft either 1st or 2nd. Either way, the Canucks got screwed the worst because of course they did.


Toronto got rewarded for "tanking" but their long list of injuries made that easier. But yeah, Vancouver was the biggest loser in the draft lottery.

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