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June 28, 2016


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Great blog, especially the point about cutting the few women they still had as part of their coverage. Basically just Cassie Campbell-Pascall and maybe Sophia Jurksztowicz remain unless I'm forgetting someone. Given the social media noise about Strombo, Healy and Stock, it's interesting to see these decisions. It kind of looks like Rogers is buckling to social media pressure. Perhaps the first we've seen of this in Canada. In the U.S., it seems ESPN has been forced to make changes because of online backlash.


ESPN, like Rogers, is losing money though for different reasons. I was fascinated by Hockey Night in Canada years ago not for the hockey as much but the pageantry that surrounded it. When that is gone and the hockey isn't that good, watching becomes less likely. Their coverage really needs to get better.


Pageantry is a good way of putting it. It doesn't seem like destination viewing anymore. The one thing that's good is the choice of games. That has definitely been a plus but the rest of it amounts to: things that should have been changed were not and things that should not have been changed were.


Hometown Hockey has the pageantry. I was concerned that it would be too much each week but haven't found that to be true. If the latest deal has been CBC, TSN, and Rogers with Hometown Hockey, the latter company might have improved their perception.

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