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August 18, 2016


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Thanks so much for writing a piece on The Tragically Hip. First off I'll start by saying that I am originally from Kingston ON. I moved from the city about 10 years ago but still get back when I can to visit family and friends that are there. While I have no real personal connection to the band, Mr. Downie's sister lived on the street behind my parents growing up and I went to elementary/high school with her kids (I was in the same grade as one of them)who would speak of "Uncle Gord" on occasion. When the sad news of Mr. Downie's condition was revealed back in May, my thoughts immediately turned to their family whom I remember from my younger days and how difficult it must be for them all.

While I've always enjoyed The Hip's music I wouldn't consider them to be one of my favourite bands, or favourite Canadian band for that matter (maybe 2nd though). But I have always had much respect for them and they have been great ambassadors for our hometown and proud Canadians. Their songwriting is unique for sure and have never tended to write songs about 'mainstream' stuff that a lot of other bands do. Maybe why their popularity internationally never got as big as it did here in Canada. And there's absolutely nothing wrong or bad about that. I would've loved to have been back in Kingston this weekend to take in the atmosphere in the city but can't be due to a prior committment. Like many others though I'll be watching when the CBC comes on the air from our hometown on Saturday night.

Another little tidbit. Guitar player Rob Baker's dad, the late Phil Baker, was a longtime judge in the courts in Kingston. My own dad told me a story about going before him many years ago to try to get out of a speeding ticket... I don't think he was successful :P


The ambassador element is important. They are a Canadian band that celebrates Canada and tells its stories with good songs.

I also found it intriguing of their success in Canada and not much outside. Hoping some Americans and Canadians get to know the band better.

Hope you enjoy the final show. Thanks.

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