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April 24, 2017


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daniel anderson

I', surprised that CBC prefers NSH/STL to get most of the country to The National after the game at a convenient time. They hsould be showing the OIlers serie sinstead.

daniel anderson

However, Peter Mansbridge must be pissed off about having to be preempted for two American teams.


Rogers is choosing to have the Oilers for Sportsnet. That isn't CBC's choice. The surprise is having the top broadcast team late at night (in the East) and on Sportsnet.

daniel anderson

I'd wish Kenny Albert was doing the Rangers series on TV, but I'll take John Forslund over Paul Romanuk any day.


Ugh. Forslund is so biased. He is better on local calls for the Hurricanes but doesn't understand the concept of national TV. Romanuk calls a good game and has a good time doind so.

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