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May 26, 2017


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TSN's regional deal with the Senators was for 12 years. There's no way they're going back to Rogers.

Through good scheduling, they can probably accommodate all the Sens and Habs telecasts on TSN5 without very many conflicts. Some sort of special feed may be unavoidable though (such as when the Sens were playing at the same time as the Grey Cup with RedBlacks in it).

And yes, another announcing team would likely be necessary for TSN to handle the additional games.


As a Habs fan, I didn't like the Subban/Weber trade more because of their respective ages and the length of their contracts. Weber being like 4 years older and under a huge contract in terms of length and money, and at some point he will become a diminishing asset as he gets older. Do I think this trade is the reason that Nashville is about to play for the Stanley Cup? No I don't as I feel the Predators would still be where they are today had the trade not happened and they still had Weber.

It will be interesting to see if the Canadiens' English tv rights go back to TSN. If it happens, my bet is that John Bartlett goes back to TSN where he was from 2011 to 2014 doing the Habs games on TSN Radio 690 and sometimes on tv when Dave Randorf had conflicts. Jason York might be the odd man out though as Sportsnet probably would have no further need for his services and TSN already has a plethora of analysts in-house already that could handle the extra colour duties.


My thought for the Sens going back to Rogers was Dean Brown doing TV again. Though Brown could work for TSN on TV and have Miller/Cuthbert work Habs games instead. That could work. Hopefully, NHL fans would figure out where to find Habs and Sens should they be together on TSN5. Then you also have the "how do they handle announcers when the teams play each other" question?


Did seem like the Habs got the short end on ages and length of contract. Perhaps this is a coincidence that Nashville made it the first year with Subban. But the Habs had a bad playoff after an up and down season. I agree that Bartlett would be likely to flow if the Habs went to TSN though noting that Dean Brown back on Sens TV would make that easier to use Miller/Cuthbert on Habs and Leafs.

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