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June 02, 2017


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As a Canadian taxpayer I am not a fan that Rogers basically gets free use of the CBC on Saturday nights during the regular season and basically every night it wants come playoffs as a platform for Rogers to make money (or try to make money?). In my opinion the president of the CBC could've and should've negotiated a better deal for CBC as it is Rogers that is currently reaping any and all of the rewards. All CBC gets is some promo spots for its other programming and not having to think about how else it would fill those slots that have long been occupied by NHL hockey.

Whether it is true or not, there seems to be a perception that NHL hockey largely defines the relevance of the CBC. Many said the same thing about SRC (French language CBC) back in 2003 when they were shut out of NHL rights when RDS bought the whole package. "La Soirée du Hockey" was just as big in French speaking Canada as "Hockey Night in Canada" in English speaking Canada yet SRC seems to have survived just fine and found a way to fill the programming spaces that previously went to hockey, so I'm sure CBC would find a way as well.

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