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September 06, 2017


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I do not like the new After Dark program at all!!!.....really missing the soothing voice and music of Laurie Brown....thought she was excellent and would tune in nightly just to hear her and her music before going to bed. I find the new host Odario "flat" and uninteresting and I don't like his choice of music. I'm sad to say, you've lost a faithful listener.


Please, please can't you bring back Laurie Brown and The Signal!

Issy T.

I can appreciate Odario Williams' music knowledge and his eagerness to please, but the show seems all over the map. Like it's trying to please everybody, all at once. Totally agree that the commercial stuff is best left to mainstream radio. We can hear that anywhere! I suspect that the old farts at CBC are trying to appeal to what they perceive as the "cool, hip, generation." No doubt they see dollar $ign$ floating all around those kids. But believe me the "cool, hip generation" are not going to switch over to CBC just because of one show, especially one that has a "weirdo" element they just don't understand (I used "weirdo" with much fondness here!). CBC please just stick to what you do best, providing an ALTERNATIVE to all that is mainstream, bland and otherwise easily accessible. Tim Tam and Laurie Brown, you are both sorely missed!


Bring back jazzz ! I miss Tim!!

Kristiina Hollo

Well that ruins my evenings. TomTam & Laurie gone


I don't like the new evening program. Bring back jazz and Tim Tam please. He was really knowledgeable.


What a bad move, alienating longtime CBC listeners. How's that working out for you, CBC?


I have listened to Tonic for years in the US and I miss the jazz and Tim Tam - he was fantastic, knowledgeable, and always had great stories and an excellent playlist. I am so sad.


I can't believe the only protest about this desecration of the evening airspace on CBC radio 2 is coming from a U.S. blogger. Not a whimper from Canada. I only just realised this happened, because truth be told I prefer Ici Musique; but I agree it's a terrible loss; about 1 minute of the new program told me I would hate it.


I updated the Wikipedia page about the program to relect its cancellation, and cited your blog as a reference. Thank you for posting about this, and sharing your experience!

Charlotte Currie

I agree with Jon above, bring back JAZZ!

Dorte Koster

I miss Tonic! It was my favorite radio show, the only one I would regularly tune into when on the road at night or streaming the online version during the day. It was high quality, accessible, educational and sooo relaxing. Please bring something similar back and thanks to Tim for all the good times!


Thanks Juno for your kind support. I do think there are Canadians who are upset. And Canadians can still get jazz via CBC Music but the app doesn't work on U.S. soil.


Radio 2 used to be my go to evening radio, both Tonic and The Signal. Both informative and entertaining content and hosts. Change for the sake of change? Was this really necessary?


I want Tim and Tonic back !!!


Missing the 2 hours of nightly jazz. Do not understand why cbc has officially alienated jazz from it's on air airwaves.The new afterdark show has a very commercial feel with no energy. So sad!


Tonic was the best show!!! I don’t even bother to listen to CBC radio 2 in the evenings anymore. The programming is garbage. If you were trying to appeal to younger listeners you’ve failed. Numerous people I’ve spoken to have commented on how much they miss Tonic and TimTam! Bad move CBC.

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