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December 22, 2017


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I did the guided tour of the Bell Centre in Montreal about a month ago. In one area of the building near the alumni lounge there are big pictures on the wall of the 3 outdoor games the Habs had taken part in to that point. The tour guide pointed out the pictures and said the Canadiens organization would love to host an outdoor game but it is simply the lack of a suitable outdoor venue in the Montreal area that is preventing it. He basically said everything you said about Percival Molson Stadium and Saputo Stadium not being large enough to make it worth while, and the Stade Olympique is an indoor venue due to all the trouble with the roof so it doesn't make sense either.


Nice to have the confirmation. I loved touring the Bell Centre. Maybe they could set up a temporary arena on the island with a beautiful view of downtown Montreal. Or maybe reignite the Autostade.

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