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April 16, 2018


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Toronto Sun article about Bob Cole was a bit misleading. -- Bob called the Western Conference Final in 2016 but did not work the third round in 2015.


Thanks for the correction. Text has been changed to reflect that. Why newspapers need to replace long-ago laid-off copy editors.

daniel anderson

It was nice to see Former Hockey Night host Ken Daniels on the Washington Columbus series. I'd take him over Forslund or Albert.


Agreed. I realize they have to reward loyalty but Ken Daniels would be most welcome in the second round. Darren Pang as well.

daniel anderson

I'm OK with NBC updating the other game with highlights, but do it the way that FOX and CBS do the NFL- a two-box.


NBC Universal has been using a two-box to run extra commercials in other times. If we had the audio from the Rogers Sportsnet simulcast with a two-box, I could be cool with that. It's the idea that if I want to watch the other game, I would tune to that game. Let me watch the game I am watching.

daniel anderson

Maybe have NBC and Rogers team up in the first and second rounds. Same graphics, but use the Canadian guys for games in Canada and the NBC guys for game sin the States. The Rogers guys could help out for games in the States if a Canadian teams visits or if the game is not worthy of Emrick or Albert.


The way NBCU used to do this was run CBC/Rogers simulcasts in the first round. Better coverage for less $. Rogers runs a lot of U.S. simulcasts, cheaper but not always better.

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