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April 10, 2019


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daniel anderson

I think NBC likes to have their own team whenever possible. Back when CBC produced games themselves, nBCU used those feeds often, even for some all-US matchups.


That is true. I miss those days.

daniel anderson

NBC could have went truly local with the Calgary coverage with Rick Ball/Cassie Campbell-Pascall instead of one of NBC's people. Maybe also use Dave Randorf/Louie DeBrusk for the Jets series. I don't see why they need to use their own talent when you've got the Rogers feed avivable, but maybe NBC wants to put their own spin on as many games as possible.(if this was 2012, NBC would be using CBC/Sportsnet for those 2 series.)


Good to have Miller/Ferraro on the series. But it was almost like NBCU had something to prove by producing those series. Rogers would have done a better job with more resources on the telecasts.

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