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June 06, 2020


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If i'm NBC, i need announcer if Doc Emrick decides to hang it up. Like Bryan Mudryk, the current Montréal Canadiens play-by-play person, he could help out, or Gord Miller too. Remember the NFL season heats up, so they wont have Kenny Albert aviable. What about Paul Romanuk?


Doc's replacement will need to be full-time. Chris Cuthbert could have been that person and still doing CFL. Gord Miller's plate is pretty full. Curious this year if he helps out more with NHL on NBCSN since the World Championship isn't an issue. If the NFL starts on time, Kenny Albert would have conflicts but if not traveling, he can help out more.

I don't think NBC has any interest in Bryan Mudryk or Paul Romanuk. They should try for Dean Brown (Ottawa) to help out this year on NHL.


That's correct. Doc's replacement will need to be full-time. I'm guessing, now that the Hurricanes have pretty much removed him, John Forslund seems to be the favorite. I'd be interested in seeing how Mike Tirico does, too.

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