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November 01, 2021


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Since we're coming up on US Thanksgiving, can we point out the stupidity of the NHL having some Canadian teams playing afternoon games on Black Friday (which is not a holiday here).

I believe Ottawa and Winnipeg have to play in the afternoon on that day.


I am torn on this topic. I recognize that Black Friday is not a holiday in Canada though Canadians participate (near the border in the old days). The U.S. gets so few holidays. You could tape the game and watch at night.

Those teams are on U.S. soil. Is that so different from a U.S. team playing the Blue Jays on Victoria Day or Canada Day?

The Canadiens play on MLK Day in January in the afternoon in Arizona, the last state to make that day a holiday. That feels way more odd.


The Blue Jays examples aren't so egregious since weekday afternoon games are a regular thing in baseball.

I didn't know about the Habs having an afternoon game on MLK day, that's another one I don't like.

I forget the exact year but I know the NBA put the Raptors in an afternoon game on MLK day once.

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